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Do you want to learn English easily and effectively? Your first step is to choose the right educational literature. The variety of educational materials is enormous, but with the right approach, you can easily find the right one for you. Let's find out how to choose the right textbook for you.

Educational literature in English

The variety of educational materials available in English is amazing. Everyone can find books, magazines and brochures that will help them in their particular case. On this basis, educational literature in English is divided into several types, according to their relevance to:

  • school readiness;
  • junior/middle/senior high school;
  • adults and students;
  • preparation for international examinations;
  • to improve your business English;
  • improving knowledge of grammar and vocabulary;
  • Teachers.

It can also be various dictionaries and encyclopaedias for people of different ages, which give quick access to verified data and the ability to study them conveniently.

What are the levels of English

English language proficiency levels are often categorised according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Here it is:

  1. A1 (Beginner) - Beginner level:
  • basic communication skills;
  • can introduce themselves and ask and answer simple questions.
  1. A2 (Elementary) - Elementary:
  • improved grammar and vocabulary;
  • Are able to engage in simple conversations on everyday topics.
  1. B1 (Intermediate) - Intermediate:
  • the ability to describe events, express an opinion;
  • Are capable of having more complex conversations and discussions.
  1. B2 (Upper-Intermediate) - Upper Intermediate:
  • Good command of the language in a variety of situations;
  • are able to understand complex texts and express their thoughts in detail.
  1. C1 (Advanced) - Advanced:
  • language proficiency at a near-native speaker level;
  • are able to read complex texts, express themselves clearly and participate in academic discussions.
  1. C2 (Proficiency) - proficiency in the language at a high level:
  • full command of the language as a native speaker;
  • Are able to read, speak, write and understand at a sophisticated level in a variety of contexts.

When choosing a textbook or course, it is important to determine your current level of English in order to find a book that meets your needs and learning goals. Popular fiction can be suitable for different levels and ages. Before you buy a book, check how accessible it is in the forums on the Internet or with the managers of the online shop Dinternal Education, where you can order with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine a lot of different literature for all tastes.

How to choose the right one

It's easy to choose and order a textbook in English. Just visit our online shop, choose the appropriate level, language, genre, price. Place an order and we will deliver your book directly to you as soon as possible by New Post or Ukrposhta.

Advantages of buying on Dinternal Education

Buying products at Dinternal Education means you get a number of benefits:

  • Quality and relevance. We partner with leading publishers to bring you popular textbooks of high quality that are up-to-date with the latest trends in education.
  • Convenient delivery. Order textbooks on Dinternal Education and we will quickly send them by New Post and Ukrposhta to Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.
  • Favourable prices. Education should be affordable for everyone. We offer competitive prices to make your English tuition even more affordable.

Choose your language level, choose a textbook on our website, check its price, place your order and start your journey to improving your English proficiency with Dinternal Education today! Dinternal Education is your partner in learning success!