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Fiction in English is a magical portal that offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of a new culture. In the Dinternal Education online shop, you will find a wide range of books in English for all levels and ages. We will advise you on how to choose the right literary work in English and what advantages are offered by buying from our shop.

A wide range of fiction in English

Dinternal Education offers an extensive range of fiction in English. Regardless of your language level or age, here you will find and be able to buy at a favorable price with delivery in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine books that meet your interests and preferences. 

Here you can find:

  • popular classic literature;
  • contemporary bestsellers;
  • adapted literature for more comfortable reading for people with a low level of English;
  • books for children and teens;
  • popular science fiction and much more.

A series of books in various genres will reveal to you the richness of English literature.

What are the levels of English

There are several widely accepted systems for categorizing English levels, such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Oxford Online English Levels. Here are their general characteristics:

  1. Beginner/A1 level:
  • English language basics;
  • understanding and use of simple phrases and expressions;
  • Knowledge of basic vocabulary and grammar.
  1. Elementary level (Elementary/A2):
  • development of basic skills, the ability to read and understand simple texts;
  • The ability to carry on simple conversations on everyday topics;
  • vocabulary expansion.
  1. Intermediate level (Intermediate/B1-B2):
  • The ability to hold more complex conversations and understand more complex texts;
  • improved reading and writing skills, understanding of independent study of material;
  • development of grammatical structures of speech and vocabulary.
  1. Advanced level (Advanced/C1):
  • Deep understanding of complex texts and participation in discussions on a variety of topics;
  • A high level of grammatical accuracy;
  • the ability to express their thoughts clearly and logically.
  1. Upper Advanced Level (Proficient/C2):
  • full command of English, comparable to native speakers;
  • A high level of lexical accuracy;
  • The ability to read and understand complex texts.

Levels may vary depending on the system used, but these specifications provide a general idea of what each level of English proficiency means.

How to choose the right fiction book in English

For the best choice of literature, it is recommended to take into account your language level, personal interests and desired subject. Dinternal Education provides detailed descriptions of each book or series, as well as recommendations on the level of difficulty, to help you make the right choice.

Advantages of buying on Dinternal Education

Buying from the Dinternal Education online shop will provide you with a number of benefits:

  • Wide selection. The shop offers books of different genres for all ages and levels, for children and adults.
  • Delivery in Ukraine. Convenient and fast delivery of goods to Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities of the country by New Post or Ukrposhta.
  • Low Prices. Buy quality books at an affordable cost.
  • Convenient platform. You can buy the right product using our convenient filter, where you can choose the genre, price, publisher.
  • Online support. Our managers are always ready to help.

Reading fiction in English is an important step towards expanding your language skills and immersing yourself in a new culture. Dinternal Education makes this process easy and fun by offering a wide selection of literature. Buying from our shop will not only be a pleasant experience, but also an effective tool for learning English.