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Biographical books for children

Famous people's biographies can teach you a lot. From the life stories of famous people you can get ideas for inspiration, learn from other people's mistakes, learn about past eras, discover previously unknown facts about idols.

It is believed that biographical literature is an adult read. But the online shop Dinternal Education is ready to argue with this statement. In our electronic catalog, you can find and buy books about famous people and their achievements, written especially for children. The editions are in English, so they will be a good help for learning it in parallel with getting useful information.

For your convenience, each book is accompanied by a brief description, an excerpt for familiarization, information about the main characteristics of the edition and its price. When making a delivery to Kyiv or to any other settlement of Ukraine in the total cost will be included in the tariffs for carriage.

Whose biographies can be selected on Dinternal Education

Penguin Books Limited offers a series of biographies called Extraordinary Lives. These are stories about the lives of historical figures and our contemporaries, whose names are familiar even to children.

This series features personalities such as:

  • English theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking;
  • American astronaut Neil Armstrong;
  • Indian political and social activist Mahatma Gandhi;
  • Pakistani human rights activist Malala Yousufzai and others.

The Extraordinary Lives editions contain authentic life descriptions with dates, fascinating facts, and many beautiful illustrations.

Young readers may find the role models collected in Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different by children's author Ben Brooks interesting. It brings together a hundred stories of men and women, each of whom were able to break stereotypes to fulfil their dreams. The book will give inspiration for future endeavors and give you the courage to be yourself.

You can also order from our catalog Kate Pankhers bestsellers "Fantastically Great Women Who Made History" and "Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders". Vivid editions tell the story of women and their achievements that changed the world.

How to buy biographical literature for children in Ukraine

The Dinternal Education online shop has a variety of books in English that will not only help with learning English, but also tell you about the people who have left their mark on history.

Place your order online by adding the literature you are interested in to your basket. Actual prices for all available books are listed on the website. The cost of delivery will be calculated taking into account the tariff of the chosen shipping company. In Kyiv on weekdays there is a pick-up point for self-delivery.