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History books are a journey into the past. They talk about important events and interesting facts. If you want to read history books in English, welcome to the Dinternal Education online store. Here you will find interesting and popular literature not only on history, but also other publications, for example, on religion and philosophy .

Modern history books in English

Modern literature on history in English includes:

  1. Historical biographies are books that highlight the lives of great personalities and their influence on world history.
  2. Event studies are works that analyze historical events, wars, revolutions, political and social transformations.
  3. Cultural and social history - books that examine aspects of culture, art, customs and everyday life during different historical periods.
  4. World history is literature that covers the history of various regions and countries of the world, as well as their interconnection and influence on each other.
  5. Popular historical literature - books that popularize interesting historical facts and events for a wide audience.

Modern literature in English will help you improve your knowledge of history and language.

How to choose the right books in English on history

Follow these tips:

  1. Consider your level of knowledge and personal interests. Some books are suitable for beginners, others for more advanced readers.
  2. Check out brief descriptions and reviews. This will help you understand how well the book meets your expectations.
  3. Compare several books on the same topic or period. This will help you get a more complete understanding and a diverse view of historical events.
  4. Pay attention to the sources cited by the author. Books with well-reasoned theses and links to reliable sources are usually more interesting.
  5. Consider a variety of formats: picture books, nonfiction, or academic papers. Choose the format that best suits your reading style.

You can buy interesting books, including those on cooking, at an affordable price in our store.

Where to buy history books in English

Do you want to buy historical books in English at the best price? The Dinternal Education online store presents a variety of popular publications, for example, on fashion and style. Also, teachers of English and German will find all the necessary aids for learning the language - for different ages and levels.

Among our advantages:

  • we sell only 100% original publications;
  • Pearson official representative in Ukraine;
  • it is possible to order unique products;
  • you can pick up your order in Kyiv or arrange delivery in any convenient way;
  • The cost of goods is not overpriced.

In our Dinternal Education online store, you can buy the necessary literature without worries. We regularly hold promotions and sales so you can order books at a reduced cost. So don’t hesitate - add books to your cart and order for delivery in Kyiv or Ukraine