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While it used to be a bit of a motto that English was compulsory from a very young age, today it is an indisputable fact. Many professions require its knowledge directly and even more - indirectly for qualification and career development. Today we will talk about how to make the right choice of English textbooks for primary schools. And you can buy them at a favourable price and with delivery in Kyiv and all over Ukraine in our online shop Dinternal Education. Welcome!

A wide range of English textbooks for primary schools 

In the Dinternal Education online shop you will find a large selection of English textbooks with the right price. We have:

  • textbooks for school, included in the programme and beyond;
  • popular books for the study of geography and the world around us;
  • Grammar and vocabulary literature;
  • workbooks with ready-made assignments;
  • introduction to science;
  • cards;
  • audio discs for learning the basics of the language, etc.

Today, the market of English textbooks for primary schools offers many options. Among the variety of learning materials, you will be able to choose the right course according to the language level and age of the student. From playful methods to more traditional approaches, every parent and teacher will find the best option.

How to choose the right English for primary school

Choosing an English textbook for primary school requires careful consideration, especially if you don't know the language very well yourself and can't judge the quality of the book. Here are some key steps to help you make the right choice:

  1. Assess the child's language skills. Consider the child's age and language level. If your child has no previous experience of learning English, start with textbooks designed for beginners.
  2. Consider the teaching methodology. Playful methods and interactive tasks with visual elements, colour illustrations and animations can be more interesting for children. Playing cards are a popular option often purchased for preschool and primary school age children.
  3. Pay attention to the availability of audio materials. Textbooks with audio recordings and multimedia resources will help to develop listening and pronunciation skills, which are very important at an early stage of language learning.
  4. Consider your child's interests. If your child is passionate about a particular topic (e.g. animals, nature), choose a textbook that integrates these topics into the lessons.
  5. Research reviews and recommendations. Consult with teachers, parents of other students, or read online reviews of different textbooks.
  6. Pay attention to the structure of the textbook. The textbook should provide a coherent, logical and understandable presentation of the material. Check its compliance with educational standards.
  7. Use electronic textbooks. Many publishers provide electronic versions of textbooks. They may contain audio and video materials, which is very convenient. Try using them to see if they are a good fit for your child. 

By choosing carefully and based on your child's individual characteristics, you will create the optimum conditions for successful and exciting English language learning.

Advantages of buying textbooks for primary school children at Dinternal Education

In the Dinternal Education online shop, you get the following benefits:

  • Large selection. Dinternal Education offers a wide range of literature in English for primary school children, covering different levels and age categories.
  • Fast delivery. We provide prompt delivery of orders to Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. 
  • Individual approach to clients. Our company will provide recommendations and advice on the choice of textbooks, taking into account the needs and level of preparation of a particular child.
  • Competitive prices. The online shop "Dinternal Education" offers favourable prices for all products, which makes training affordable for different categories of parents.

Dinternal Education provides parents with a reliable and convenient platform to buy English textbooks for junior, middle and high school. We look forward to having you as a loyal customer.