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Fantasy and sci-fi books

Fantasy and sci-fi are usually grouped together in the same category of books. Fans of these genres are well aware of the differences that exist between science fiction and fantasy, and will be able to choose in the collection of online shop Dinternal Education books to suit their taste. Delivery from Kiev to all cities of Ukraine at the price of the chosen shipping company will allow you to get the desired book in a matter of days.

What types of fiction there are in English

Fantasy and fantasy stories form a huge part of English-language literature. Here you will find books in English to suit your individual language level. In all English language programmes, reading literature in the original language is a compulsory method.

In this sense, fantasy and science fiction, saturated with spoken language, dialogues and at the same time enriched with social and scientific vocabulary, can significantly expand the base of the English language both semantically and grammatically.

If you want content to your liking, you should clearly distinguish the difference between fantasy and sci-fi and even more so science fiction.

Fantasy is modern fairy tales with magic, magical characters, and modern variations of myths and legends. It is a pure figment of the writer's imagination.

The genre imitates ancient sagas, tales, fairy tales. Even historical fantasy does not pretend to be realistic. These magical worlds can include elements of different historical eras, which can create a sense of surrealism. The unfolding of events always involves mechanics not available in the real world. There are many screen works here.

It is better to start with the classics to get acquainted with fantasy. The direct way is to plunge into the beautiful universe of Middle-earth, in which the Middle Ages reign, other races neighbour humans and magic is used everywhere. In the online shop Dinternal Education you can buy Tolkien's bestsellers, which are considered a monumental foundation and an example of fantasy. Reading such editions in the original language significantly helps in learning English.

Fantasy stories are usually based on real facts and discoveries. The principles of functioning of the universe and worlds in general inherit physical laws. These are usually future worlds that do not appear out of nowhere, so a writer working in the genre of hard science fiction must logically and coherently explain to the reader the reasons why his amazing universe came into being.

What to look for when choosing a book

Both sci-fi and fantasy have their own unusual creatures.

  • in fantasy are elves, dwarves, representatives of other worlds and the writer's imagination.
  • In science fiction, this role is played by aliens, time travelers, artificial intelligence or robots.

Using these markers, you can easily determine exactly what type of fantasy literature you have in front of you - science fiction or fantasy - and buy exactly what you or the person you plan to give the colorful addition to. To do this, just read the brief description of the edition.

Why order books in English from the Dinternal Education online shop

You can order literature suitable in terms of price and content on the website of the Dinternal Education online shop. You can find out about delivery costs and the possibility of free transport when reaching a certain order price on the "Payment and Delivery" page.