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Books with stickers are a godsend for young children. Stickers help you interact with the book, stimulate your imagination, and help develop fine motor skills. This kind of literature is ideal for starting to learn English. Want to check it out? Order books with stickers and other interesting publications, for example, non-fikshn, at an affordable price on our Internet -Dinternal Education store.

Large selection of books with stickers in English

The sticker book format has become popular due to its interactivity and ability to attract the attention of young readers:

  1. Books with stickers are presented in various topics - from teaching colors and shapes to stories about animals, transport, and fantasy worlds.
  2. Literature is available for different ages, from very young children to preschoolers. There are books with simple stickers for beginners and more complex tasks for older children.
  3. Stickers allow children to express their creativity.
  4. Sticker books help you recognize objects, animals, colors, shapes, numbers and other concepts through visual perception and hands-on play.

Books with stickers and interactive elements in English are popular, so parents and teachers often order them from our store. You can also buy other interesting books, for example, about Christmas. Delivery is valid in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

How to choose the right books with stickers in English

Here are some tips on how to choose the right books:

  1. Make sure the book is age appropriate for your child. Some sticker books are for toddlers, while others are for older children.
  2. Choose a book according to your child's interests. If he loves animals, transport or fantastic stories, choose appropriate topics.
  3. Difficulty level. If your child is new to using stickers, start with books with easier activities. For more experienced children, you can choose publications with more complex challenges.
  4. Check that the stickers are made of quality material that will not leave marks on the pages. It is important that they are easy to glue.
  5. Consider books that will help your child learn new words, numbers, colors, and shapes.
  6. Think about how interactive the book is.

The right book is the key to success in teaching English.

Why is it worth buying books with stickers in English from the Dinternal Education online store

Dinternal Education is an online store that presents a large amount of literature in English. You can buy popular books on history,  architecture and design, psychology, business and politics at an affordable price. The catalog also contains a huge amount of literature for teachers of English and German. The publications are suitable for students of different ages and levels.

Our advantages are:

  • 100% original literature;
  • not overpriced books;
  • fast delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • possibility of self-pickup in Kyiv;
  • regular promotions and discounts are held.

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