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Everyone knows what a quality detective story is. It is a story written in such a way as to not only lead the reader through a chain of mysteries and clues, but also to draw the reader into the investigation. In the online shop Dinternal Education you can find a whole range of detective adventures in English from the leading contemporary authors of this genre.

You can order delivery of these books in Kyiv and Ukraine at the cost of services of the chosen postal company.

But how to buy a good detective for children? That the stories told, the adventures of the characters, the sequence of events and the logic of plot development correspond to the level of the young reader and were able to teach him something useful.

How to choose the right detective story for children in English

How does a child benefit from reading detectives? By reading about exciting investigations, children develop extremely useful thinking functions:

  • logic and the ability to make cause-and-effect connections;
  • observation;
  • Remembrance;
  • attention.

Of course, reading books that have mysteries and active characters is a powerful boost to learning English.

When can I start reading detective stories in English? If the language level allows, you can start reading detectives and adventures from the age of 6-7. At this time, the cognitive function of the brain reaches the necessary potential for understanding.

It is very important to choose books that are age appropriate. In any case, it should not be a lengthy book with small print and too difficult for the current level of English.

A clear marker of relatively simple and straightforward texts is the presence of children's characters in the book. In a simple children's detective story, the cases are often led by cats, dogs, underwater creatures and even fairies.

In the books at the level above, the detectives are often ordinary but savvy and adventurous children. As a rule, these are light, fast-paced stories with funny dialogue and charming characters, and the search for clues is often a quest.

How to order a detective story for children in English from the Dinternal Education online shop

Not only detectives, but also other thematic publications for children of different ages, you can buy in the corresponding sections of the online shop Dinternal Education. The indicated price of the book does not include delivery costs.

Choose a suitable postal company directly on our website, and we will ensure the shipment of books to the address you specify in Kyiv or other populated areas of Ukraine. The price of this service is determined solely by the operator's tariff.

Self-collection is available at our address in Kyiv: Dniprovska naberezhnaya, 26G (Montessori First Steps Child Development Centre). Delivery to the point of self-collection is 2-4 working days and is possible only with cashless payment.