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The sooner a child starts learning English, the better. Therefore, parents should take care of special literature for early development. In our Dinternal Education online store you can buy various books, for example, with stickers, affordable price. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Ukraine, and in Kyiv pickup of products is possible.

Books for early development in English

Books for early childhood development in English are intended for different ages and levels. The most popular are:

  1. Books with tactile elements. Supplemented with materials with different textures so that children can explore different surfaces.
  2. Books for learning words. Focus on expanding vocabulary.
  3. Books with sound effects. Supplemented with songs and buttons for playing sounds.
  4. Books with windows and stickers. Allow children to interact with text, move elements and create their own stories.
  5. Books with moving elements. Includes moving parts or mechanisms.
  6. Folding books and puzzles. In parallel with language learning, they help develop fine motor skills.
  7. Write-erase books. You can write or draw on the pages of such publications, and then reuse them.

Such diverse elements make the process of learning a language more interesting and help children develop various skills and abilities. You can also purchase thematic publications, for example, about Christmas.

Advantages of books for early development in English

Books about early development in English offer many advantages:

  1. Teaching in the original language promotes natural language acquisition and skill development.
  2. Books in English help expand your vocabulary, improve grammar and develop reading and comprehension skills.
  3. Thanks to interactive elements, books help develop various skills: from tactile sensations to interaction with sounds and pictures.
  4. Interesting and bright illustrations, varied textures, and drawing tasks help develop imagination and creativity.
  5. Tasks can be completed directly in the book, which helps to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Such books are indispensable assistants in the early development of children.

Books for early development in English in the Dinternal Education store

Do you want to buy popular books in English at an affordable price? The Dinternal Education online store offers a wide range of literature to suit every taste. Also in our store there are many textbooks, popular aids for learning English and German - we cover the needs of students of different ages and levels. At the same time, prices for products are not inflated.

Our advantages are:

  • a wide selection of various literature in English, for example, in the genre non-fikshn;
  • affordable prices;
  • fast delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • possibility of self-pickup in Kyiv;
  • regular promotions and discounts are held.

Hurry up to buy your favorite literature right now