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Reading books in the original language is one of the popular ways to study it. Therefore, if your child is learning English, offer him interesting literature. In our Dinternal Education online store, you will find many educational publications for children of different ages with different levels of English proficiency. You can buy literature at an affordable price with delivery throughout Kyiv and Ukraine.

Books to read in English

The choice of books in English is extremely wide:

  • Fantasy. Books that transport you to magical worlds with magic, heroes and adventures.
  • Prose. Stories about everyday life or adventures without elements of fantasy.
  • Popular science. Books that tell about scientific facts or interesting phenomena in simple and understandable language.
  • Books with sound effects. Interactive books with sounds or songs.
  • Thematic books (for example, about Christmas). Books related to specific holidays, events, or themes.
  • Poems. Books that captivate with rhythm and melody.

Such popular books help develop imagination, interest in reading and knowledge of the English language. Also take a closer look at the literature on the topic leisure and creativity.

What are the levels of English for reading books

The simplest and most popular levels are:

  1. Elementary. These are books with simple words, short sentences and large pictures.They are intended for little ones who are just starting to learn English.
  2. Initial. Books for more advanced readers. These are stories with more varied vocabulary, but still with more illustrations.
  3. Medium. Books with more complex plots, varied vocabulary and fewer illustrations.
  4. Advanced. These are already books with a rich vocabulary, more complex plots and a minimum number of illustrations. They are suitable for more experienced readers.

The choice of book depends on your level of English proficiency.

How to choose the right book to read in English

Here are a few steps to help you choose the right book to read in English:

  1. Choose a book that is appropriate for your age and language level. For beginning readers, it is better to choose books with simple text and large illustrations.
  2. Take into account your preferences - the choice of book genre depends on this: fantasy, adventure, books about animals, scientific facts, friendship and family.
  3. Bright illustrations and simple texts are important for young children. Books with stickers and other interactive elements are suitable.

It is important that the book is not only fascinating, but also contributes to the development of the reader, his imagination and language skills.

Advantages of buying a book in English to read on Dinternal Education

In our Dinternal Education store you can buy various books to read in English at an affordable price.Our advantages are:

  1. A wide range of books in English for different levels of reading skills and ages, which allows you to choose literature based on the needs and interests of each reader. For example, popular publications in the style of Pop Culture.
  2. The books contain interesting and educational materials that help expand your vocabulary, develop your imagination and improve your reading skills in English.
  3. Books are not overpriced, which makes them accessible to a wide audience.
  4. Books can be purchased quickly and easily thanks to delivery throughout Ukraine. Pickup is possible in Kyiv.

The Dinternal Education online store is a godsend for those who want to purchase high-quality and useful materials in English for reading