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Sociology and psychology are very interesting sciences. With their help, you can understand a person’s inner world, as well as analyze social interactions with other people. Special literature will help you understand these aspects. If you like to read in English, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with specialized literature in the original language. You can purchase these and other popular books, for example, about various hobbies, in our Dinternal Education online store.

Large selection of books on psychology and sociology in English

Books on psychology and sociology in English cover various aspects of human psychology - from personality development and psychotherapy to social theories and analysis of social phenomena. In the books you will find works by famous psychologists and sociologists, studies, case studies, practical guides and theoretical works that will help you better understand human nature and social dynamics. A rich selection of literature in English provides unique opportunities for in-depth study and search for answers to various questions.

How to choose the right book and what to pay attention to

To avoid making an unnecessary purchase, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Identify a topic that interests you.
  • Identify your goals when choosing a book - for example, to deepen your knowledge of a particular theory or apply knowledge in practice.
  • Some books may be written for a specific audience - beginners or experts. Consider your level of language knowledge.
  • Read the passage to determine whether you understand the language and the writing style.
  • Check out reviews from other readers.

The main rule is to be guided by your own preferences. This rule also applies to the selection of other books, for example, about theater, cinema and photography

Prices for books on sociology and psychology in English

Prices for books on sociology and psychology in English vary depending on:

  1. Book format. Cost may vary for paper and electronic versions. E-books are often more accessible.
  2. Publishers. Different publishers have different pricing policies.
  3. Circulation. Popular books may be more expensive due to high demand.
  4. Specialization and level. Textbooks and specialized books may be more expensive than general works.

If you want to save money, pay attention to promotions and sales in our store.

Why is it worth ordering a book from the Dinternal Education online store

Do you want to buy the best books at reasonable prices? Take a look at the catalog of the Dinternal Education online store - the official representative of Pearson in Ukraine. We have prepared for you the most interesting and popular literature, for example encyclopedia.

Our advantages:

  • wide selection of popular literature;
  • we sell only 100% original publications;
  • you can pick up the goods yourself in Kyiv or arrange delivery in any convenient way;
  • the cost of goods is not inflated.

We also offer educational literature for learning English and German for different ages and levels. Explore our catalog, add the books you like to your cart, and order delivery to Kyiv or another city in Ukraine. Happy shopping