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If you don’t know where to start learning English, then books about Christmas are an ideal option. Christmas is one of the most favorite holidays of all children. Therefore, thematic books will certainly appeal to both kids and older children. Buy interesting books not only on holiday themes, but also in other genres, for example, non-fiction, available in our Dinternal Education online store. Delivery is valid in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

The best selection of books about Christmas in English

Children will be interested in the following literature:

  1. Tactile books. Complemented with various textures, such as velvet or rustling foil. Help children explore the world.
  2. Stories. These are various stories about Christmas that can be complemented with colorful illustrations.
  3. Books with windows. The pages have cutouts that allow illustrations or story elements to be seen.
  4. Coloring pages. Here you need to color the images. This contributes to the development of creative and design skills.
  5. Sound effects. Books with buttons to play sounds, such as Christmas or songs.
  6. Books with stickers, puzzles or flip books. Suitable for little ones and preschoolers.
  7. Books with Lego. These are stories or instructions on how to create different Christmas scenes using Lego.
  8. Crosswords and games.

Such books will help not only improve your language skills, but also create a suitable atmosphere for the Christmas holidays.

How to choose the right Christmas books in English

Pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Make sure the book is age appropriate for your child. For young children, books with bright pictures and minimal text are suitable, while older children will be interested in more complex stories.
  2. Consider your child's preferences. If he loves animals, adventure or magic, choose books with a corresponding theme.
  3. Consider different types of books, from short stories to activity and game books.
  4. Consider books that will help your child learn new words and develop reading skills.
  5. Consider how complex the text or tasks in the book are. It should be appropriate for your child's age and level.

Choosing the right book about the Christmas holidays will help develop interest in learning.

Why is it worth buying Christmas books in English from the Dinternal Education online store

You should choose books for children in English especially carefully. We advise you to trust only trusted stores and buy 100% originals from the Dinternal Education online store. They choose us because we:

  • a wide range of various literature, for example, about business and politics;
  • the cost of goods is acceptable;
  • fast delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • possibility of self-pickup in Kyiv;
  • regular promotions and discounts are held.

Our store will also be useful for teachers of English and German - you can buy textbooks, popular aids for students of various ages and levels. Contact the Dinternal Education online store and open new horizons with us