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Learning a foreign language in a relaxed way allows you to achieve better results than learning in the classic "school" format, which involves memorizing rules and practicing them. Board games, which, along with puzzles, help to develop logic and focus attention on the right aspects, are ideal for learning.

The role and usefulness of board games in English

The use of non-standard ways in the learning process, among which a special place is occupied by board games written in English, which, like modern educational literature, allow learning the language in a relaxed form.

Acquiring knowledge through playful tasks promotes:

  1. Development of social and communication skills. Board games involve interaction between the participants, where they learn to communicate and make decisions together, as well as to discuss game moments.
  2. Strengthening the emotional bond between people. During the game, positive emotions are created, which is very important in children's learning, because this approach increases interest in learning.
  3. Develop cognitive skills and stimulate creative thinking. Board games require the application of strategic thinking, creative solutions, planning and problem-solving.

Using board games in the process of learning English helps to increase vocabulary. Language learning in this format improves concentration and attention. The need for increased attention to detail and the need to assess situations in real time can be compared to passive memorization of information on posters, cards or aids.

Varieties of board games in English

Among the popular English-language games that allow you to quickly memorize new words, teachers highlight aids with cards, on which children and adults can learn:

  • animal and plant life;
  • the structure of the planet and geography;
  • the everyday life and communication patterns of people.

In the list of proven and affordable educational aids produced in the form of board games, products from world-renowned publishers, including:

  • Laurence King Publishing;
  • Random House.

Cards with transcriptions, pictures and words, questions and answers or grammatical rules, along with cards with phrasal verbs, allow learners to enrich their vocabulary, learn to listen to spoken language, understand and apply language features and rules. Board games that use cards with audio (interactive versions) can improve pronunciation.

Where to buy in Ukraine board games in English favorably

A wide range of educational literature, board games, with the help of which it is easy to diversify the process of learning English and other foreign languages, is presented in the catalog of the popular online shop Dinternal Education.

All available English language games as well as other language learning products, stationery, accessories and serials can be viewed on the website. For your convenience, the products are sorted into groups, within which you can quickly search by:

  • value;
  •  type;
  • to the publisher.

Among the main advantages of buying board games in English in the online shop Dinternal Education regular customers call the accumulative progressive discount system, which allows you to buy the right products at attractive prices.

The company guarantees fast delivery across Ukraine: you can receive your order in regional centers (Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and others) within a day after registration. Delivery to any other population centers will not exceed 3 days. The cost of delivery is regulated by the tariffs of the postal operator