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An original way of learning a foreign language is to use applied materials that allow students of different ages and backgrounds to quickly and easily enrich their vocabulary and develop their thinking. Puzzles are not only a fascinating game, but also a great way to better learn a lot of new things. This type of didactic material is no less effective than board games or traditional educational posters, which are favorite with many teachers.

Features of puzzles in English and tips on choice

When looking for puzzles in English, it is important to consider not only the cost of the product and the attractiveness of its appearance, but also to take into account such characteristics:

  1. Age of students. Modern educational materials, presented in the form of puzzles, allow you to choose options in accordance with the requirements for the knowledge of children of a certain age category. You can buy educational puzzles in the form of puzzles or board games for a child of any age.
  2. Topic. A huge range of themes are available: geography, anatomy, holidays and more.
  3. The price of the product does not depend on the chosen theme, but the cost is directly related to the volume of the game set and its quality. Puzzles that will last a long time are often made of dense cardboard and have a high-quality glossy coating. Products for the youngest can be made of soft materials that can be washed.
  4. Set composition. Puzzles for preschool children can be presented in the form of puzzle books and sets with numerous elements. The size of puzzles for students of preschool and primary school age (who will be interested in learning English with the help of puzzles) is close to a few centimeters, while the options for a toddler have a large format.

Manufacturers take into account the preferences of modern children and the knowledge needs of different ages. Traditionally, a large selection of puzzles is noted in themes related to man and the world around him, nature, traditions and holidays. Also of quite great interest to teachers are variants in fairy tales, where children have the opportunity to collect a picture with the participation of their favorite fairy tale character.

The original versions of puzzles in English are presented in the form of books. Literature of this type combines a book with a description and interactive tasks, and also contains special pages that can be dismantled into elements of simple puzzles within a given topic.

Where to buy puzzles in English in Kyiv

A large assortment of interesting and colorful puzzles, which can be used to teach children English, is presented in the online shop Dinternal Education. The company is an official representative of Pearson, a well-known brand in Ukraine and worldwide, which produces a wide range of educational literature and materials for effective language learning:

  • for preschoolers;
  • for students in any grade of school;
  • for adult listeners (university students, subject specialists).

Regular customers of the online shop Dinternal Education have the opportunity to buy and order with delivery in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine educational literature, stationery and didactic material, thanks to which learning English will be easy and understandable.

Our consultants are always ready to answer any questions about ordering literature and training materials