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Purchase returns

What if you decide to return the books?

You can return printed publications that you have not used within 14 days after receiving the order. Refunds are made only with a completed application. To obtain the appropriate form for the return of books, contact us on (095) 376 55 10 or info@dinternal.com.ua.

Return of goods of proper quality:

Before asking us to return books, please make sure:

• There are no traces of use on the book, no scuffs, stains, page tears;

• The integrity of the book cover is not damaged;

• The receipt is saved.

Return of promotional goods

Goods marked as "Sale" are NOT subject to exchange and return.

Return of goods of inadequate quality

The cases in which a printed publication can be recognized as a product of inadequate quality:

• Printing defects leading to loss or distortion of information;

• Partial absence of printed text or images on the pages;

• Pages jammed by the printing press;

• Pages inverted relative to the cover.

Contact us by phone (095) 376 55 10 or write us an email info@dinternal.com.ua and our managers will help you make an exchange or return.

The Dinternal Education team will always find the best solution for any situation!

Legal note

In Addendum No. 3 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 No. 172, printed publications are included in the list of goods of good quality, which cannot be exchanged or returned.